Connecting you with the world

At home, on the go or in the office, we aim to make things easier with our cutting edge technology; 24/7 tech support and an improved customer experience for you.


Corporate leased line

With state-of-the-art technology we offer cost-effective dedicated bandwidth ensuring reliable high-speed business connectivity with improved quality of service.


Wholesale Bandwidth

With our strategic partnerships, consistent service levels and volume leveraging we're able to help you feed your customers appetite for next generation services at a market-leading price.


Joispot WiFi

Transforming lives with free Wi-Fi that connects everyone and everything, from large cities to small villages. We plan to boost Wi-Fi in hard-to-reach areas that strengthen economic and social development.


Joister Connect

Joister has continuously been at the forefront of the broadband evolution, pushing its boundaries to enable super-fast speeds to consumers, unprecedented rates, higher capacity and new levels of user experience.

Everything we do is built around you

We empower businesses to reach their potential and people to live life to the max.

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