About Us

Our vision is to be at the centre of your digital world

Underpinned by a dynamic vision that thrives on our customers. We are proud of our history, our origins and our services. We're here to help you work, play and learn, to connect everyone and everything, from large cities to small villages. We're opening up new digital experiences for you across broadband, WiFi, corporate leased line and wholesale bandwidth.
Our goal is to continue to be an agile and effective services company delivering broadband solutions to help customers lead the lives they want, to help businesses play their part in the digital networked economy.

Our network

Joister has one of the most advanced communications infrastructure, with a world class fibre network. We believe in customer satisfaction by providing the best services and expanding our presence across the globe.

Customer experiences

Our objective is to provide our customers with world class product, service and digital experiences that they believe they would get with the Joister’s network.

Value and growth

We'll continue to excel and ensure that the core of our business is more efficient, sustainable and profitable, focussing on customer satisfaction and network superiority.
We're here to meet your changing needs. Our promise is to deliver astounding services and support that is brilliant, intuitive and increasingly digital.

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There's a world of possibility out there. Now is the time to start living your life on Joister.

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